Don't think I'm a bad person but...

Aside from being a site hostess here at, I am a SAHM. My fiance works every day and is on call 24/7 with a weekend off once in a while. So Charlie is on my watch the majority of the time. But right now I'm on the clock and he's home. So Charlie is 100% on his clock. He's having kind of a hard time. He'll try to put Charlie on the couch next to me and I say Nope! Working till 9! It's on you daddy!... don't get me wrong. He is SO great with Charlie. I couldn't have hand picked a better daddy.. but he rarely has to watch him for a certain amount of time.. and I gotta say.. I'm enjoying this. Am I evil?

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      I think it is great that you have support! i love it when we tag team parent!
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