Been a little while

It's been a little while since I posted on here. I'm getting super impatient, i just want my little guy here. I know it's going by fast but at the same time it's going by soooo slow. I had to make a trip to labor and delivery the other day because I was having a very hard time breathing the night before into the morning so my nurse wanted to me get checked up on. Everything turned out good all my results came back great and baby is also doing awesome. It was just a really bad case of "I can't breathe and this doesn't feel right..."

I have about 25 days left until my due date. I don't know if he will make it till than! Monday is my next appointment/s. Group B strep test and also ultrasound for measurements.

Been doing good, just very impatient.

    I also had a hard time breathing from about 5 months on. I know how hard it is to wait. Charlie is my first baby and I just wanted to sleep through the entire pregnancy so I could just wake up and he would be here!

    What helped me was to sit down and write down everything I loved and hated about what was going on. How everyone was doing, everything I was thinking about. It helped me embrace where I was at at that moment and not focus on when he would get here.
      Thanks Stefany! I was nervous to be there but it was great hearing all the little babies crying. We made sure to know where we were going a couple months ago when we registered and got the tour of labor&delivery!! I knew exactly where to go with this trip. It kinda feels like all I do is relax, except for when I am picking up a little around the house or feeling up to going to the gym/walking.

      Surprisingly enough I am ready for it to be a little hectic around here and me busy all the time! I am going stir crazy ! HAha
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