So nervous

This will be mine and Paul's first Passover. My family doesn't celebrate it. We are all Christians, but the Jewish people, God's people, are my people. We are all related, all brothers and sisters, and I respect them highly. It really hurts when I flip the channels and see people making fun of the Jews. :(
Anyway, I read up on Passover, and there's a lot of preparation going into it. I don't want to disrespect the customs and the reasons behind each thing to do on Passover. oh dear...

    Even though I am catholic we celebrate passover with my religious education students (6th grade)... they learn about the Old testament in 6th grade and passover is very important in the bible and Old testament. we have a big passover meal with the students it is a learning meal that explains the importance of each ingredient in the passover celebration
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