6lbs 5oz ; 1:45 a.m , 3/20/14 (: she's a girl .

meet baby Mylah Faith Garcia she is 2 days old today I'm am happy she is here finally and i am blessed to say she was a miracle born funny thing is i had to deliver her myself in my car on the way to the hospital and I'm glad i knew what to do ( pat on my back ) I'm SUPER MOM !!!!!! <3

6lbs 5oz ; 1:45 a.m , 3/20/14 (: she's a girl .
Julia GarciaLehigh Acres, Florida
    Julia Garcia
    thank you so much ; i was pretty calm i mean it was crazy at the same time but i managed to go thru it like a Boss lol . . i can say one thing its gonna be one good story to tell to her when she's older lol
      What a cute smile! Congratulations!
        Holy cow!!! What a crazy and exciting delivery! You are super mom! Congratulations to you!
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        im 20 years old and I'm happily taken by Corey Garcia the only King in my life & i have two beautiful daughters my first is 4 my second is 1 & I'm with child on my third baby girl I'm happy blessed and awesome to get along with god is good so am i