At a lost

My 2 year old still has a fit when its bed time and i try not to give her her cup. How do break the sleeping with a cup when its bed time. And how do you break the safety net that a child has? my daughter has her blanket, its a pain to try to get it away to even wash it.

4AllenaRockford, Illinois
    wash it while she is asleep, during a long nap, return it to her before she wakes up. as for the cup, it may take some sleepless nights, but the best way i know how is to just stick to your guns, maybe offer her something else for comfort, with my son it was a stuffed alligator, it took some nights of feeling like i was about to pull my hair out, but eventually it all worked out
      Thank you Raelee i will try that here soon my older three go to their other parents house for part of this week so i will try it then so she doesnt wake them up
        You may just need to go cold turkey and break her of the cup habit... sometimes this works othertimes it is harder to overcome...a cup is not cuddly and can hurt to sleep with!
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