My Heritage

So, my dad did some further research, and it turns out we are Austrian, not German, like I've thought for so many years. I asked my dad what was the difference between the two countries because they are so close together, and he said "...they're pretty much the same flippin country" :p But it just astounded me. I know that I'm also Irish and apparently Austrian from my Dad's side of the family, and a bit of Cherokee
and I am Cherokee also on my mom's side (my great great grandmother was full blood) but I don't know what else from my mom's side. We just know all the men in her maternal side married white men.
It just gets me to thinking about all the hurtful things in my heritage. I think almost every tribe or civilization has had pain in their past. Slavery, pillaging, rape, murder.
Why I celebrate my heritage, and even those that aren't my own is that I respect the people of this earth that has gone through so much. I hold the Jewish people very close to my heart. But we are all related. All brothers and sisters. Our greatest calling is to love one another; have peace.

    My husband is part Austrian and I am part German... i knew they were close in proximity but never thought of them as the same country! LOL!
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