Sister, sweet moment

I've always wanted a sister. I have an brother, elder by 3 years. We never got on, my brother and I. When I was in high school, I met my (now former) best friend. We were so much alike and we really hit it off! We hung out almost every day at her house and during the summers, I'd sometimes spend the week over there. I even was a nanny for her little brother. She wasn't really into make up and stuff or dressing up. I have 2 friends at `church who are sisters. It just always made me think of how it would be to have one. Doing hair and nails and borrowing each other's clothes. boy talk in our room, having slumber parties and such. I feel like I really missed out. It's not that I'm not grateful, of course. And I'm so happy for my 2 friends. Anyway, my former best friend and I have gone our separate ways after 8 years. I wish I could find someone that close again. I guess what sparked all this is that earlier today I got to dye my neighbor's sister's hair, and she even let me do her eye brows! It was so much fun. And now it kinda pains me that I don't have a daughter. Granted, unless I get married, I don't want another baby. But still... :(

    Ummm.... yeah I have a sister and growing up were were enemies... NEVER got along since birth my mom said. however now that we are older and have children we are much more friends than enemies. Granted we may have our occasional quarrel but we can call ourselves friends now in our old age (LOL...we are both in our 30's)
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