She Swept Under My Feet!

My mom is superstitious lol She told me earlier today that the reason I'm almost 24 and not married yet is that she swept under my feet when I was a kid and said it was a curse for me not to get married! I was like...I don't believe in superstitions, but I do believe in curses, by word of mouth or thought, anyway. I told her that I don't believe in silly things like sweeping under my feet causing me not to get married. My mom put down the broom and looked at me laughing saying, "well, think about it! You're 24 years old, have several boyfriends, was even engaged for 3 years. you're pretty. And you're still not married! I was married at 16 and even I wasn't that pretty. Now you're telling me that I didn't curse you by sweeping under your feet? Come on, now!"
I said, "I just think it sounds silly."
Then she said "Remember what Granny did? She held you right on her lap and said, 'I hope you stay little forever'!."
And my eyes widened. For those who don't know, I'm only 4 '11 (59cm) My Granny was Native American, and she believed in superstitions.

Occasionally, We will say things like it's going to rain or "watch and see if it doesn't happen" and it usually does :p

My mom keeps saying things about my future and from now on, I'm saying "NOPE dontchu say it! Don't say it! Don't even think it! Stop curing me woman!" LOL

    i must say that I too am superstitious ... however I often remedy these thoughts with prayer! just my way of coping!
      My mom puts a rolled up dollar bill in babies hands to see if they'll be successful (she's not going to do that to Charlie. Charlie's going to be a football player, we're good *grin*).. what else.. oh, dreaming of swallowing your teeth means someone's passed away, that's happened more than a few times. Birds in the house are bad luck, I believe that one. Walking under a ladder, breaking mirrors.. buying people things before the baby is born.. I believe in some, not all.
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