Would you find out the sex of the baby before or after birth?

Would you find out the sex of your baby before or after birth?

I always intended to find out the sex of my babies before birth. It's not because I really like lots of gender specific things so much as I am not often a fan of surprises. I'd like to know what I'm getting into and prepare for it. Surprises have frequently been sources of anxiety for me, and I wouldn't want that during pregnancy, labor, or birth.

I do feel like my family would like to buy some gender specific stuff for my future kids too.

I think my nursery and much of the baby clothes I buy will be gender neutral because hubby and I want four kids. I'd like to be able to reuse my stuff. Plus, I certainly didn't fit into the 'girl' stereotype a lot of the time and have no intentions of forcing that on my children. Boy, girl, princesses, or ninja turtles... Doesn't matter. Whatever they like, they like, and I'm okay with that.

So, I don't think gender is that important (though hubby and I are hoping to have a boy first) I just want to know when I can.

What about you? Did you find out the gender before birth? Why or why not? Are you happy with that decision?

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    I have always wanted to be surprised with the sex of my babies.... BUT could never wait... I am horrible with wanting things but not following through... so when they asked me if i wanted to know ... I said yes!
    I didn't know you didn't know my gender! I knew I was breech, but huh! I always have given doctors a hard time...
      I will find out before birth, as early as possible, at least until I have one of each. After that, it might be fun to do a do-not find out. I don't know.

      I do like things that are gender-specific, and often feel "gender neutral" favors one gender or another. That isn't to say that I buy all blue for boys, or pink for girls, but even a good yellow, depending on the shade, can favor one over the other. If it truely is gender-neutral, I find it boring.

      Also- cloth diapers! Yay for gender things!

      I also like gender reveal parties, and feel like it helps really bond with my baby. Knowing he or she has a gender is the first building block of a unique identity. You can tell gender, often, before you can even feel them at all. So it just helps in the bonding process, in my opinion.

      Not to mention, thinking about names for a single gender is SOOO much easier!
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