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There are traits about your parents that you never realize until you are an adult. My mom is a huge enabler. And in that process my father has several very bad habits that make my mother upset. So she will call me with her struggles and complaints. It's hard for me to help her or sympathize for her, since she has created a lot of her own problem. In a lot of ways she even seems to realize what she needs to do it fix it but she won't.

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    My mom has some mental issues that go up and down because she will stop taking medication. Her doctors prescribe conflicting medications. It's been a rough time the past 15 years.... But.. with the help of going back to church, I've forgiven a lot of things and have invited her to come and live in one of my fiances rental houses so she can be closer to me and her grandson. The rest of our family lives in California, she has no one where she is right now. I don't have advice for you hon, I just know that it's a tough situation, you aren't alone. Hang in there mama!
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    I had my first child in April 2013, just before our one year anniversary. Riley has been an absolute joy and I love every minute of being mom. But I am the first among my friends to have a child, so there isn't always an easy place to go for advice.