Washing baby bottles: Regular dish soap vs baby bottle soap

I use Palmolive baby bottle, toy & dish wash. Removes milk and food residue. I have glass bottles with rubber nipples and a few baby bowls and spoons, food mill, storage trays and her plastic toys I wash with it. Safe for baby than regular dish soap.

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    Yep by Palmolive at walmart!
      i did not know about this Lindsey , good to know
        I use regular dish soap just like i use regular laundry detergent(meaning the same detergent I wash my clothes in). Though I'm sure some babies truly are sensitive enough to need items like this, I mostly think these things are there just because people will assume that their baby needs them. I have an 11 yr old and a 4 week old and neither of them have had any issues with the dish soap or regular detergent.
        My daughter had a reaction to the 'All' laundry detergent that we used on our clothes and we switched to Dreft and her clothes and mine are washed in it and we haven't had a problem, but I have sensitive skin and my daughter does too.
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