Just be patient and learn your baby!

I'm not sure that there's any tried and true way? Baby's can sleep any lengths of time. Sometimes Charlie will crash really hard for 5 minutes, sometimes he's out for a good 6 hours without stirring. So I'm not sure about any way to get them to sleep longer, except maybe make sure there aren't too many stimulants around him like lights or music unless that's helping him sleep. You'll get to know your little one and what makes them sleepy and what doesn't. Just takes some time to learn the cues!

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Except right now. Charlie has always been such an easy baby. Now.. I dunno for the past week, maybe two? (it all runs together) he goes through these crying fits.. the kind where doesn't actually make noise. But he's drooling a bunch so I think maybe his gums are bugging... I don't believe in babies crying it out so I swaddle him up and hold him until he calms down. Talk about super mom. That's some difficult stuff right there.
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