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My 9 month old has decided to stop drinking his formula and was eating 3 times a day and two cups but wouldn't drink his formula so I switched him to soy milk bc he has a regular milk allergy and now he want eat at all he only wants his bottle and cups what do I do about food idk what's going on.... Also he's cutting teeth and running fever and is really fussy no matter what I do he cries I've tried everything teething rings and teething tablets and even baby ora gel and I never had this problem with my oldest son he started cutting teeth at 4 months and my 9 month old just cut his first one last week

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    I have been giving him Tylenol and I been giving him a scoop of formula in his soy milk but he want finish his bottle when I do and I talked to the doctor about it and she told me to stop giving him formula all together and just give him soy milk bc he's really never done well on formula and to give him it's like ensure but prescription strength but he has it sent to him in the mail and he drinks it twice a day and she said that would supplement the nutrition he's not getting with the soy milk so I'm worried about him
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