...wash and brush :)

Newborn hair care is pretty simple.. we wash Monroe's hair when we bath him.. about every other day around here! We simply use the "baby shampoo" and wet his head and lather up! He actually LOVES getting baths and especially washing his hair.. his little eyes close with a relaxed look.. like it feels soooo good! hehe Then we rinse him off! We towel dry his tiny head.. which typically he cries about because he's cold! But then we fluff and brush his hair! We joke he always gets a blonde afro after each bath.. it's sooo cute! Then on the days he doesn't get a bath, or actually every day.. I brush his little hairs a few times.. it totally seems to keep the oil in his hair at bay and freshens him up quite a bit! I also restyle that faux hawk you better believe! hehe

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