Potty training ideas for boys

If you have a fenced in yard and few neighbors let him run around naked (if the temp is okay)and let him pee on things like trees or your car tires they think that's so fun but if it's cold outside put Cheerios in the toilet and tell him to hit the center of the O they think it's a games and will love going to potty or put green food coloring in the water and when they pee it turns blue and tell them it's a magic trick...... My mom and my older sister taught their there boys using those ideas and I did the outside thing with my oldest son!!!

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I live in the middle of nowhere and my closest neighbor is 4 miles and it's Arkansas my husband will go outside to pee just because... You would just have to understand the lifestyle we live it's nice and private the nearest mall to us is about 2 hours away and town is 35 miles away and where you take your kids outta school on the opening day of deer season..... I know it's crazy!!
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