Bath time troubles..

My daughter absolutely hates baths. She will literally scream bloody murder the entire time she is in the tub, and I have absolutely no clue as to why. She has never, from what I've seen, has a bad experience while getting a bath and to my knowledge she has never had one anywhere except my house. I have't talked to her doctor yet because I don't even know what I would tell her. I have literally tried everything I could think of to make it a better experience for her and I am completely out of ideas.
Any ideas?

    My daughter still hates getting water in her eyes, so I only wash her hair once a week. All other baths are usually just a splashy fun time, and then I quickly bathe her at the end. Do you think a noisy toy toys help? We have a Vtech Piano-Squid thing that makes music and blows bubbles. It plays like a regular toy, but sticks to the side of the tub.

    I guess it really depends on when the
    tears start. When she hears the tub run? When you put her in the water?
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