Silliness Rocks!

When Trace learns a new word he says it a lot. So hearing him say "tickle tickle tickle" constantly wasn't surprising, but looking up from what I was doing and seeing him holding his shirt up and tickling his own tummy while he was saying "tickle tickle tickle" with a huge smile on his face sure was. Glad my children can keep themselves happy!

Silliness Rocks!
9Kristy LochabaySandy, Utah
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    9Kristy Lochabay
    They get along great and are very close....most of the time. Like most siblings, they all have their share of bickering and quarrels one to another-- even this little guy! His biggest issue is possessiveness. He doesn't usual want to share, especially momma! I don't think it's worse than an average toddler his age because of our family size. In my experience most toddlers go through this to some degree.
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