so im curious about twins. i hear the chances of conceiving them after age 30 goes up. im 31 and my dad has cousins that are twins (does that count lol). idk, just trying to see what my odds are. what were some of your symptoms and signs that point to twins?

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    im not sure about the twins on my dads side, im not really close with my parents.i also hear that your chances go up with each pregnancy too, im technically on my 9th pregnancy but 3 of them ended in miscarriage. the only signs so far are that i got a clarpositive test the day after i missed my period and i am having some serious nausea and heartburn already
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    hi! i am 31 years old, 32 in may. i am divorced after 9 1/2 years of marriage. i am a mother to 4 girls, ages 13, 10, 7, and 15 mos, and a little boy age 5. i have the best boyfriend ever, he has 5 children, ages 14, 13, 13, 12, and 8. http://www.gofundme