How often do you go grocery shopping?

How often I go grocery shopping really varies for me. Lately, with the impending move, I've been avoiding it as much as possible and just trying to finish everything we have left in our cabinets. I'm not trying to tote that stuff cross country. This has led to some seriously interesting meals though, lol.

Otherwise, I really like to freezer cook. I prefer to go once a month for a major shopping trip and buy in massive bulk. I cook a whole chicken or two, then make bone broth with the leftovers and make as many meals as I can. It comes out WAY cheaper. I'll still go back for cravings, fresh veggies, bread, eggs, and milk. (Though, you can freeze milk... I just generally don't have room)

It really saves a lot of time in the long run, but sometimes I don't have the motivation to do this. During those moments, I usually make a meal plan for about a week and try to get everything necessary for that week in one go. I try to make foods that the leftovers can go in other dishes or at least with shared ingredients.

I don't mind grocery shopping, but if I go frequently, I'll pick up all sorts of unneeded stuff. Or I go hungry and end up with a cart full of junk food. Hot Pockets are kind of an addiction of mine, lol.

What about you ladies? How frequently do you go? Do you plan meals beforehand?

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