Nom nom nom... What are your family's favorite meals?

My husband is a carnivore. He love, love, loves his meat. I used to be a vegan... But, I can appreciate a nice bloody steak these days too. (Did I mention I haven't eaten dinner yet? Now I just want a steak, lol)

My family's favorite meals are...

Steak, potato, salad. I like to add scallops and onions and mushrooms on top of the steaks.

Roast beef sandwiches and French onion soup.

Chicken corn chowder.

Chili! We looooove chili. White chili. Red chili. Buffalo chicken chili.

Greek chicken wraps with homemade tzatsiki sauce and Lebanese lentil soup


I tend to switch up the things I eat pretty frequently, so I don't often make the same things twice. I love trying all sorts of foreign dishes and I really enjoy baking too.

And now... I'm totally starving. I think I'm going to go make a tuna melt.

What are your family's favorites? Do you like downhome cooking or foreign foods? Do you make your meals in cycles or are you someone who needs to change it up all the time?

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