Great weekend, rough monday

I had a awesome weekend. For the first time i felt no stress. It was an amazaing feeling.
Saturday went to take haiden to his last swim class while my mom came to watch vincent and logan for thr half hr. I came home and put vince down for a nap and got ready for a baby shower. Had a blast at the shower, came home to only have to get ready for date night.
Saturday night my mom watch the boys while my husband and i went to hu hot mongalion grill. Then went to a kitchen store where i lookrd around, then went to walmart. At walmart i got a deep fryer, my big containers of oil, new baking sheets, and this walmart had liquior so i got rum chatta. Came home kids were in bed and had two shot
Of rum chata and went to bed.

Yesterday i stayed in bed until 9am, got up and fed kids, and showerd. Woke up my husband and left to go with my mom. I got new shirts, perfume and shoes. I even got vincent a easter outfit, the older boys got a darth vader character, abd my husband got a new water bottle. Then went out to eat with my mom as well. I didnt get home til after 3pm. Then went to subway for dinner.
Because i spent time and money for myself i felt guilty.
And today i am playing catch up with laundry as it was piled high and tipping out of thr baskets. And i have to clean up from the tornado that went through my house as my husband didnt clean up after anything. So now the stress of not doing anything in the house is getting to me and i dont feel like taking time for myself was worth it cuz of all this work i have to do now. I just hope i can get it all done and make my bday cake i was suppose to do yesterday.

    Yes.. that's the battle.. Time to yourself and then the next day it's like it's double the work.. I get it.. I know it well.. I find that if I'm more prepared for the aftermath than I'm less likely to feel badly.. either guilty or angry that my kids dad didn't do a thing..

    You gotta choose your battles.. You deserved that time out.. you deserve to relax and take care of yourself.. BUT as a mom.. it's never without consequences.. lol.

    I always hated that.. IF i did take a couple of hours to go to a movie or JUST do errands and came home to a mess. I felt angry.. So be sure you also communicate with your kids dad.. even lightly.. "please don't let mayhem happen".. and remember that YOUR clean is different than HIS..

    Monday's are sucky for this anyway... for me.. I leave things alone over the weekend, as I don't want to do a bunch of errands and chores with the kids on the weekend.. and so, Monday.. it's always packed with work, tasks, chores.. Ugh..
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