Beautiful Day!!!!

We woke up to a gorgeous day here! Me and the little one are headed to the park later. It's a perfect day for a play date and picnic :-) I love Spring! Here in Oregon there is nothing like it. I live by a river in the mountains and it is breathtaking. Everywhere you look there are trees and flowers in bloom, every color you can think of! There are gardens to plant (mine will go in soon) and flowers to pick. Even now it stays light until almost 8 in the evenings, in the Summer time it stays light until almost 10. I love it here!!! I couldn't ask for anything better!

    I want to live by a river!!!!! That sounds amazing..

    So funny.. I'm in So California, and our morning today is super foggy and we are supposed to get some rain Wednesday and I'm super excited.. LOL..

    We need it, my son's allergies need it and though I love spring time and the weather coming.. we missed ANY type of alternate weather this year.. Enjoy!!
    I lived in SO Cal for about three years. We just moved back to Oregon last year. It's funny cause I never thought I would move back to Oregon after I left but I missed it!
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