Kids that HATE losing a game and Cry.. Boy thing?

My daughter doesn't like to lose, BUT can handle it better and can also get over it faster.. My son on the other hand.. he's 9 and hates it.. Of course he can handle losing a board game with me better than his younger sister, but still gets agitated..

We were playing the new Monopoly Empire the other night and my daughter was doing well, my son was fine but the anxiety he had while he was playing.. like this crazy adrenaline rushed energy and then his frustration after NOT rolling the number on the dice that he needed.. LOL.. He started to freak out and tell me that the game was boring and all the things wrong with the GAME..

Oh boy.. My son is a bit of a control freak, a virgo and his little sister is RIGHT ON HIS HEELS with everything.. She's as good as.. (and sometimes better) than he is at a lot of things.. she's able to keep up, read, play and do ALL the things he can do.. and as well. and he HATES IT..

Nobody wants their little sister to be equal.. and I SEE it poor thing..

As much as I get it.. there's nothing i can do.. she is who she is and he is who he is.. and I try to point out his stuff that makes him "better" without letting her know..

Ego in my 9 year old boy? Oh boy.. lol..

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