Moms of BOYS.. 8 plus? They changing? Smelly? privacy needed? ...

Moms of boys that are 8 and up.. are your boys changing? Do they have crushes? Are they having mood swings? Questions? Changing alone now? Needing space?

And the inevitable.. boners? Sorry.. I know.. But, it's gonna happen and I know this is the age it can start.. NOT for any specific reason.. not sexual.. but it happens right??

My BABY!! My first born.. my first and only one true love.. is a dude.. and can get pretty smelly too.. Ugh...

    my son is 10.5 has a crush:) she likes him too it's so cute and he gets so embarrassed
    My son needs deodorant now or he gets smelly. He showers every night, and he does get the B word when he wakes up (he told me a few times when it first happened as he was confused..) so idk if it's still going on but I assume since he's a growing boy.
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