To the ones that are divorced. Do you have a good relationship with the ex, just not talk, or fight about everything??

My ex and I are still there for each other. He was my friend to start off with and i can honestly say he is still a friend. We help out when needed and work on things that needs to be worked on. If he can't take them one weekend because of work or what ever we end up switching weekends or forfeiting that weekend that is ours if there are plains made already. We don't really fit about anything we with kids unless its something we strongly believe in that the other doesn't. And we don't allow any of our family members to bash the other in-front of the children. We don't see the point in it

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    I am divorced. My two oldest children as with my ex. Our divorce was friendly and mutual, no lawyers and everything was agreed upon.

    Some people think we are nut, my ex will come over to my house and we will do all holidays and special events together, with my current husband and the kids he and I have. We are one big happy family. My youngest two call my ex "Daddy Thomas" because they hear their older siblings calling him Daddy.

    So my ex and I have Aidan and Lucy, my husband and I have Delilah and Annika. My ex came to our house (in a different state) to watch Aidan and Delilah while I took Lucy to have surgery in another state and Annika went with me. My husband and my ex stayed together and took care of Aidan and Delilah.

    We love that everything goes so well. Some family and friends are really uncomfortable with it and some make holidays awkward.
      GOOD FOR YOU! Some times it's the hardest thing you can do.. especially when one isn't on board with it all as you are...

      I'm divorced.. amicable.. we always put the kids first and made sure they know that we are still a team.. times change, he's re married, but the one thing that hasn't changed is how we still make sure they know we love them, work together and are friends.. .

      Our holidays started as spending them together and has slowly morphed into sharing the day as they've gotten older and we have our own lives, but it's not out of hate.. it's out of respect... I don't WANT my ex there all the time for some things.. but when he gets them we are sure that we all hang out for a bit before they go and they FaceTime with him .. and I text him pics of them when he can't be there.. He lives in NY so I work hard to keep him included.. but not for him, but for my kids.. so they know when they chat next that he knows what's happening in their world..
        we have split hilodays as well his family does christmas eve its something they have always done and we get christmas day but other than that easter thanksgiving and all the others we split the day . Fathers and mothers day as well they have a soon to be step mother that they call mommy M and my new husband that they call daddy N. So spliting that day is something that the kids have asked for so they can spend the daay with both sets of parents and there really wasn't a fuss about it either
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