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So.. my fiance owns a few rental houses, all of which are empty right now. My mom is moving into one of them next month, one is not ready to rent, another might be rented again by some previous renters, and this last one we're taking applications on.

Here's my situation. And I truly am struggling with it. I'm a fairly religious person. I put my faith (and everything else) on God's shoulders and let him guide the way... and it's worked so far with some bumps along the way.

We had to evict the family in this house because they hadn't paid rent since December. We finally got a chance to go into the house the other day to change locks and take pictures. It was such a mess. I knew they had cats but didn't take allergy medicine so I'm still sick. Cat litter all over the carpet (even though there are rooms with hardwood floors). Cat feces.. cat vomit. Holes punched in the walls, almost every door has been kicked it to the extent that it moved the wood frame from the wall..door to the attic has been destroyed. I don't know how many times I emptied that vacuum.

Some people just don't care, and as my fiance's property manager I have to deal with that. But moving forward how do I deal with this? I know what its like to struggle when you're starting out... but I can't go through this again. 4 rentals with no income is a HUGE loss.

Sorry this is so long. I guess as bluntly as I can put this... here it is. I will not rent out that house to anyone who makes less than 3 times the rent.So far the only applicants we've had are people who want to make payments on the deposits because they can't afford it. Husband works, or the wife works, or the mom is single with 3 kids..

I want to be a good Samaritan here but we have bills too. How do I stop feeling guilty that I won't rent to these families?

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      Just remember, it's not personal it's business. You have to protect yourself if this is your income. You can be empathetic to anyone's situation but that doesn't mean you have to take on risk.

      And honestly, it would be a red flag to me if someone were moving and hadn't put aside deposit money. It's a given when you move in somewhere that you MUST pay a deposit any pretty much no one will let you make payments.
        Ed let the last people clean up the place in lieu of a deposit. Since I've been around they've never sent in their rent money even though at the time we lived across the street. He ALWAYS had to go ask them for it, and each time they would give him 20 here, 50 there.. IF they gave him anything at all. I was so disgusted that I pushed for an eviction. And the whole time I felt guilty. Was I acting the way I should.. should I have given them more time.. Piles of vomit on the floor and they had small children! It's not our only income. My fiance works for the railroad and makes good money. But now he's got me and the baby and a mortgage. I only work a few hours online so I don't really contribute anything. So I took it upon myself to handle the rentals and give him a break. I had one family that I was pretty okay with but we found out from a friend that they're pretty piggy. That's not a definite no, as I will be doing monthly checks on the property.. but still disappointing. Thanks ladies.. I just had to vent about this...
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          I think you've gotta do what you've gotta do and what's best for your family and business.
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