not too sure what to all put in my hospital bag?

    I brought an outfit for me and baby to go home in, extra pair of undies and toiletries even though the hospital provided a lot of stuff for me there, thy also gave me a blow up doughnut to sit on for the ride home and ice pack pads for my privates. Make sure your car seat is ready too.
      I read through so many lists. I brought SO much stuff with me and didn't end up using any of it. Let me tell ya hon, you need an outfit to go home in, something comfy. An outfit for baby to go home in, whatever works with the weather. A bag of toiletries. I brought a housecoat to walk around in (was in the hospital for 5 days so I got bored). Your camera, phone charger. The hospital will provide you with nearly everything so don't worry about diapers or wipes or anything for baby. If you're unsure call your maternity ward and they'll let you know what they will and won't give you. Also.. lol I know this sounds bad but it was advice given to me. The hospital is going to charge sooo much for his. So take everything. lol Take the wipes, take the diapers, take the little sample bottles of formula. And don't feel bad about it! haha.. good luck!
        Of my four kids, I think I opened my hospital bag once after I got there... that was to shove all the supplies (diapers, wipes) from my room into it and change to get ready to go home. Here's what I suggest:

        1) Bring entertainment (laptop, cell phone, tablet and charger.)
        2) Clothes for hubby/boyfriend
        3) Clothes to wear home

        Good luck!
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