Prom Dress Stress!

Mini is going to the prom this year with her best guy friend (his prom). We've been looking at dresses , which is a whole lot of stress and we haven't been successful finding the right one yet. Either they don't have her size or it ends up looking huge on her (poor thing has a bit of a chest and a smaller sized waist, the boobs makes it hard).

I had the same issue prom dress shopping as a teen, for the same reason. Our body types are similar. Did any of you ladies find it super difficult to find the right prom dress back in your teen years?

    8Theresa Gould
    I didn't go to prom. My friend and I went on a double date at a nice restaurant wearing a prom dress. I had an issue up top as well because I was on the smaller size. So frustrating.

    Hope your daughter finds something soon!
      Meg, we've hit every store in the mall. She found ONE that she fell in love with (and honestly, it would have been perfect considering her style) but they didn't have her size and it couldn't be ordered (last season style). She's also short (like me haha) so if she tried to wear something like the Greek goddess style it looks unflattering with the ample boobage. I figure we will hit another mall this weekend, maybe we'll find something there. :)
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