Dangers of coffee while pregnant

When I found out I was pregnant I cut down to one cup of tea at first then just stopped drinking caffeine all together, I have it now but still in moderation because i'm breast feeding.
Many pregnant women cut out caffeine the minute they find out they are expecting because of fears that their daily coffee may increase their risk for miscarriage or preterm birth.
Moderate caffeine intake (less than 200 milligrams a day) won't increase their risk of miscarriage or preterm birth. 200 milligrams of caffeine is roughly equal to one 12-ounce cup of coffee.
One cup of coffee a day, which is about 8 ounces and has around 100 milligrams of caffeine, or two cups of black or green tea per day is okay.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I started drinking decaffeinated tea when I was pregnant and still drink it. I only drink regular tea on occasion.
    I have either tea or a cup of coffee in the morning around 7 then it's water and a cup of juice.
      I think everything in moderation is fine.. We get so obsessed.. I had a cup of coffee 3 times a day throughout both my pregnancies.. early on.. and all was fine..

      BUT I will say that there's caffeine in some foods that we don't consider sometimes..

      However.. as my Doctor said, .. the amount of caffeine you have to drink and consistently to cause damage.. is a lot.. a LOT..

      Grain of salt mamas... :)
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