best home pregnancy tests

I got a negative on a $1 test when I was pregnant and I was about 4 days late even after I got very faint positives on First Response and
another store brand *blue* test.

Check the boxes on the tests available (not all stores have the
same tests), they all have ratings of how sensitive they are. Anything
that says "early" (usually blue) will be more accurate (sensitive) than
the normal (pink) tests.

Positives are ALWAYS believable - do not listen to the morons saying
they are not - when someone gets a positive blue test then a period it
means they had an early miscarriage, not that the test was wrong!

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    8Theresa Gould
    I like home pregnancy tests. If I ever get pregnant again I'll still use the $1 ones as they have been reliable for me in the past. Sorry you had a bad experience with them.
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