How do you put your kids (older) to bed?

Those of you with Kinder and up kids?

Do you kiss them goodnight, turn the light out and leave? Do you sit with them for a few minutes? Lay with them until they fall asleep?

I read with my kids, then lights out and I tuck them in, kisses, tuck up blankets, etc.. Then I sit on the floor between their beds for 5 minutes.. I read my news on my phone in the dark as they drift off.. Then I get up .. sometimes they're conked out.. sometimes they're ALMOST asleep and rarely they're awake and I give them one more kiss and leave.. I leave the door open until they're both asleep for sure and then I close all but a crack..

I have some friends that kiss them then leave and close the door while their kids are still awake.. My kids would not be cool with that.. .lol..

THEN I have friends that lay with their kids.. even 8, 9 year olds until they fall asleep.. anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. .Ugh.. No thank you..

I like what I do.. I don't mind sitting there for a bit at all.. Some nights I'm anxious to go watch a show or finish chores or work.. but I don't mind usually and it's just a few minutes.. Normally.. unless one or both are having some fears.. (like we are now.. but ti will pass.. )..

What do you do?

    4Milagro Rivera
    I give my older 3 a kiss , a hug and an I love oyu. but my 4 yrold I give him a kiss, a hug and we give eskimo kisses and say uga muga micheal wolf..he says uga muga mommy wolf. and tuck him in for bed.
      Aw.. I loved reading that Jessica! You are such a sweet Momma.. they are so lucky.

      Since I can't relate with Monroe being SO tiny.. I will share what my parents used to do! They would head up to bed with us, both come in, tuck me in, say our bedtime prayers and chat a bit.. sometimes read a story.. they always kissed me goodnight and would love the door ajar.. but never close it :) I have so many awesome memories of those funny chats and prayers.. your kids will too :)
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