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So I don't have any pregnancy stories with junk food but I think this can transfer over. When my son was about four months old we went to a street fair and I picked up a set of cookies I love and almost never get. I ate so many of the cookies I was too full for anything else. We spent almost a day with a very fussy child due to my poor eating. If it can affect him that badly during breast feeding, I'm sure the same is possible during pregnancy.

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    I think that eating ANYTHING with high sugar and fat and preservatives and hydrogenated oils TOO MUCH is bad at ANY time.. But this is one of those things.. is it bad if you have a little? Even a little every day? Probably not.. but again.. moderation.. lol

    I know when I was pregnant with my son.. I ate nacho cheese doritos and ice cream, every day.. EVERY day.. and not small portions.. I'm usually pretty healthy, but we all were fine..

    Watch the sugar contact.. gestational diabetes can come to anyone.. that would be my biggest concern.. Have your treats, but small and slow and in moderation...:)
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