Aha! Growing & Learning!

Monroe is 6 weeks old.. a little over a month.. I figured I would share his development :) They said he seems ahead of the curve being alert and active for his age.. woo! Even if he is tiny :)

Here is what is changing and what he has been doing lately..

- cooing! he jabbers and coos SO much now!
- he moves his hands and feet SO much too... constantly in motion
- he seems to SEE us more.. he looks our way when we come into his line of vision..
- he smiles! and it doesn't seem to be gas.. he smiles at the sight of my husband or myself.. it's so so sweet
- he follows objects with his eyes.. we notice that he loves the ceiling fan and a wall decor item on our wall.. and he will actually stay focused on it, even when we move him!
- he yells or talks loudly.. he seems to know he has a voice now :)
- lifts his head so much... this dude has strong neck muscles!

Those are some one month'ish developments I thought I would share!

What about you Mamas.. anything to add?

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