Diets and work outs?

I have asthma and I have been trying to work out and diet but working out makes my asthma act up and dieting just doesn't work out that great because I am an emotional eater...any ideas on what would help? iam at 155 right now and in the medical world for myy height this means I am obese and is one of the reasons my asthma is so bad...I need to lose abuout 20-30 pounds because the doctor wants me to be in my good weight for my height which should be 115-120..and its so hard.

4Milagro RiveraMilwaukee, Wisconsin
    Did the doc give you any suggestions about a work out that would not trigger your asthma? ... Perhaps a non impact workout? Like swimming or eliptical training?
      I have asthma too, try doing yoga and pilates and swimming.
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