These past few days I have been so overwhelmed with everything. I am a full time student taking very demanding classes, a full time single mo m of a somewhat defiant and definitely teething 13 month old, and I work part time. I literally cannot think of the last time I had a moment to just breath and relax. I need a major vacation baby & people free to just chill out.

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      Lilliana ... just BREATHE! I know you can do it ... I did it! I went to school full time and worked full time! it was a crazy schedule but I had much support and eventually things got completed! I found that I can go without sleep for long periods of time and that I work well on coffee!
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      I am a proud mom of an adorable little girl named Isabella. I still feel like a new mom sometimes because she is my first and only child, so any advice will be kindly taken and considered. I would love to connect with some other parents.