My daughter scared every night!!

So we had an earthquake and age was scared.. Then another.. Then she had a dream she said that a bad man came into our home and killed me. Ugh.

First I feel awful for her. I remember being scared something would happen to my mom. Secondly, she's 7 and I let her brother watch hunger games and she watched most of it too. My bad.. Dammit. I thought she liked it,.. I'm pretty smart about this stuff but I failed. She's very mature but I should have known. But what's done is done... So I think it started then. Anywho. I feel awful but I can't change it now...

So every night for about 5 nights now at bedtime she starts to cry. She's terrified. Said she's scared something bad would happen to me and then she starts to cry about how much she loves her mommy etc.

It's in a word. Heartbreaking. Just pure heart ache. I know that feeling and she won't tell me much more about the dream cause its just too scary to talk about she says but I imagined it to be bad. I was killed in it And she watches in it.

Poor baby. I've read everything online. She's at the age when she starts to realize not everything is bubbles and fun and she's aware of some bad stuff now. And obviously me letting her watch the hunger games was the worst thing I could've done.

I'm sure it will pass. Until then I've showed her all the locks on the door and windows, showed her how far the second floor we are on is.. And how if she looked into our courtyard age would see our neighbors w their windows open at night even.

But she's still upset. This is beyond her wanting to sleep in my bed, tho she's crawled in every night about 1 a.m.

Online said to make a dream catcher, a no bad dream lotion. But the dream has happened. The fear is here.

She said she would feel better if I had a weapon and I said like a bat? And she said like a gun.
WTFudge??? A gun? She's THAT scared. And I'd do anything for her. Even get a gun. Lol.

Thru have those close range BB guns. That isn't a gun but looks like a real one and could stop someone.

Anyway. Thoughts? Bad dream will fade?? I hope it's not a premonition for Gods sake.

Thoughts???? Besides that I'm a total dumb dumb for letting her watch that movie????

    I think all children are different... confession... I let my 5 year old watch hunger games with us. usually my children are not that scared unless we talk about ghosts...that really gets them going!

    But I think your child's fears will subside ... the trick is not to talk too much about the underlying factor...instead supplement with talk of pretty and nice things before bed... like what you are going to do tomorrow... the upcoming holidays. Princesses...unicorns...etc!

    My children all have a dream catcher above their beds my mother bought them ... they are content the sleep i their room because the dream catcher will catch bad dreams so that they will sleep well ...and they usually do.

    If bad dreams do come they usually go away with time unless they are so traumatic (usually tied to a real life event) that the child may need counseling. But as I said counseling is usually only needed when the bad dreams are tied to a bad thing that really happened (like abuse or other sensitive issue)
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