i just found out that my daughter is being bullied at school by two kids in her class. they tell her to go look for something when its not there and they take her food at lunch. my daughter told me that she was scared to tell me or her teacher because she didnt want to get into trouble. what kind of world is this that a 7 year old cant tell her mom everything. i am so very very upset right now.

    Im so sorry! That has to be a horrible feeling, i havent made it to that point yet. But everyone goes through it at sometime. Id just talk to her and let her know she can tell you everything and id defintley be making a phone call to her teacher.
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      i have contacted the teacher and my daughters counselor and the teacher has already separated all the children. the lunch lady's are now also looking out for her. i am grateful for all the support i have gotten on here. i was so angry yesterday and i dont have any friends in my area to talk to, so all of this support helped me calm down and do what i needed to do for my child.
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