On the fence

My son is 4 months now and we have slept with him in a bassinet by my side of the bed. But the last week or two he has gotten very fussy at night and it seems the only way I can get him to get into a really deep sleep is bringing him into bed beside me and holding him. I don't want it to become a habit but both of us are getting more sleep this way so I'm torn about whether to continue it or not. We don't have a bed frame so if he rolls off the bed hes not going to get hurt since it's so low down, and I put myself between him and my husband so he's not in the middle and at risk of getting rolled over on, but I don't want him to get dependent on my being there to get to sleep either. I definitely think a bassinet by the bed is a better idea than cosleeping due to safety reasons, but I also think as a mother it's up to you to do what you feel is right for your child. So if co-sleeping feels right and you're taking every safety measure then it's ok

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    Sophia slept in our room until she was 2 she would climb in our bed and everything we just let her sleep there then we bought bunk beds for all the kids and have been sleeping in her own bed with out a problem and it onl took a couple of weeks to get her to stop crawling in bed with us
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