Do babies need milk after 12 months?

As long as your child is nursing between 3 – 5 times in a 24 period, your baby doesn't need ANY supplemental milk! If your baby’s only down to once or twice a day, you can give them the extra fat & protein breastmilk provides via food sources. It doesn't have to be milk, it can be cheese, avocado, nuts, bananas, whole milk, homemade pudding, butter, whole milk yogurt.
If and when you should give your breastfed 12 month old cow milk. The answer is: relax, enjoy solid food exploration and don’t stress the cow milk!
Breastmilk by the way has a higher fat content than cow milk.

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    Going from formula fed to cows milk is a way for babies to get a good chunk of the daily nutrients required into non-nursing babies who are beyond the needs of an infant formula.
    Sorry I didn't put the both sides for breast feeding and formula, I forget, Milk is good though for nutrients.
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