i registered for a tub for JR. and he did well with the sling it it when he was first born. our pediatrician told us bath with him to soak his belly so his umbilical cord would fall off better. so that has been our bathing routine but its a two person job most of the time one holds him and the other washes but we are not home together very often due to work so i tried to put him in the baby tub without the sling now that he is 4 1/2 months old but he squirms so much he slides down and i dont want him to 1- hurt his back on the seat part that is suppose to keep him above water and 2- dont want him to go below the water. Anyone have suggestion on how to keep a wiggly baby from sliding down the tub? this is similar to the tub we have- (The First Years Infant to Toddler Tub w/ Sling - Blue)

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      I would for sure try a towel behind him/under him to help keep him from sliding down. If he's able to sit up, or close to it, you could also get a bath chair. I have one that I absolutely love but it's super old... I think they have them at walmart though. Almost like the bumbo but for in the tub!
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