Different kinds of healthcare providers can deliver babies

An OBGYN is a doctor who practice Obstetrics and Gynaecology. An OBGYN can preform c-section and other surgeries. OBGYNs are specialists in delivering babies.

A Family Practice doctor can also deliver babies. Some can perform c-section but they can not do them alone and need another doctor to assist, some are not allowed to perform c-sections at all. Most are trained and experience in delivering babies but not all do and not all hospital allow them to.

A Midwife is a train professional but is not a doctor. Midwives can not preform c-section. Some hospital allow midwives to deliver babies and some don't. A midwife is trained in a normal low risk pregnancy.

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    Fantastic explanations!!! I have always wondered what differentiates a midwife from a nurse or doctor. In one of the hospitals I delivered in, they had a hospital midwife available 24/7 so that if your OBGYN wasn't able to deliver your baby for some reason (assisting someone else, doesn't get there in time, etc) it would be the midwife that would deliver your baby.
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