Some do, some dont!

I think a lot of fathers do change, some for the good and some for the bad unfortunately. My SO is great with our son. He was terrified when we first found out we were pregnant but he had time to deal with it. Also, we went to a childbirth class about a month before our son was born. I think it helped him to see other fathers in the room that were a little nervous. He got to ask questions and hear what other dads were concerned about. Definitely a good idea to attend one if you're expecting!

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      Let me offer my experience with my ex-husband and you be the judge. So, I was married previously and during that marriage it was all lovey dovey and rose petals. Well, when I found out I was pregnant, my husband became very distant. We ended up getting a divorce because he no longer wanted to be a husband, or a father for that matter. We tried to make it work, but other females in his eyesight were just too tempting. I do believe that since he didn't know his father, seeing my oldest call someone else dad really got to him. It wasn't until my son turned five years old, did he really start being a presence in his life. Men do change, as often as they change their underwear, but it is the direction they go in that makes the difference. What brings them to their realization or their purpose is the child. That impact will affect them negatively or positively, but it is the child that shows them who they really are.
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