What's you greatest challenge with being a mom?

Just curious...

MariaRichland, Michigan
    Am i keeping them safe in our house like getting germs out as much as possible.
    Since i had my kids i became obsessed with a clean house
      Keeping my cool. Kids do some things that are just infuriating. My older kids particularly... it's sometimes hard to remember that they are KIDS and don't know any better... or it's even harder to keep my cool when I know they DO know better and are just being obnoxious ;)
        Meg Sonnenberg
        I think my current challenge is, "Am I Doing Enough", in regard to my two special needs boys, and in the same token, with my daughter too. I don't think the weather is helping...It's snowed here ALL winter and we had over 3 ft of snow on the ground, it mostly melted, then its snowed half an inch today. We're all getting sick of the cabin fever...I can't wait to take the kids outside!
          not always being a big mama bear. I tend to really protect my kids and not take too kindly when people aren't so nice :/ it's bad I know they need to live and learn... I'm working on it:)
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