Oy! Colic!

Knock on wood, I haven't experienced this.. but I have heard you should try anything and everything to soothe them :) Colic is an issue with the stomach I believe.. I also have watched a video from a world recommended doctor who... swaddled a colic baby, flipped them on their side, held them like a football, shushed in their ear and quickly bounced them on their arm.. it worked instantly in all documentaries he was on.. so I would try that! I have heard other things like car rides, the noise of a vacuum or hair dryer.. I would try anything :)

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    We didn't experience colic with any of ours (Thankfully!!!) but the doctor you are referring to is Dr. Karp :) :)
      8Theresa Gould
      I did not experience colic either and feel very fortunate considering I had eight chances to! I would try anything too.
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