Devastated woman having a miscarriage is forced to sit on a ward surrounded by people having abortions - and discussing not wanting their babies

I don't know how my husband is finding these articles but he is and found another heartbreaking one today. I empathize with this woman because I had many of the same feelings she did when we lost Matthew (at 20 weeks in 2004).…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    So sad :( I can't even imagine the pain she went through.
      Melissa Middleton
      I am so sorry for your loss. I know abortion is a "touchy" subject for many but I am against it. I believe a child is a child the moment of conception. I know a few people who cannot have children and a friend who waited over 7 years to become pregnant. Every child is a blessing and should be treated as such. I am thankful to be blessed with my son.
        This is just awful! I experienced something similar but I was not the one who was hurt. At my first US I had to sit in the waiting room with other patients waiting to be called and there were two women loudly discussing how they were rushing to get rid of their babies! Beside me was a woman who had been TTC for years and still had no luck and was mortified and how joyful these two women were. I was hurt for her and hated to see the tears in her eyes and I had to ask the office staff to please ask these ladies to keep their "plans" quiet. Certain things just aren't meant to be broadcasted and it is inconsiderate to not consider someone else's feelings!
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