Kids and sports, what's a no no for you?

Are there any sports that you will not allow your children to play?

I know some people hate cheerleading and would never allow their child to participate. Others feel that wrestling and football are too dangerous. And still other parents are just happy to see their kid in an activity.

How do you feel?

    8Theresa Gould
    We've chosen not to participate in organized sports just because I have chosen not to drive myself insane driving eight children in several different directions. Plus the expense and time involved. We've opted to have the farm for activities. :)
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      Christina, I don't really have any sports I wouldn't let the kids do. As long as proper safety equipment was being used and common sense on the coaches part when it came to practices (like no practice during extreme weather) then I would be ok.

      I did pull Mini out of softball practice one day because they didn't cancel even though there was lightning. I just couldn't get down with kids standing there holding aluminum bats with lighting in the sky.
        I don't think there's anything. Maybe hockey? Skates scare me but other than that my kids love sports and as long as I can get them to the practices and games I say why not:)
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