My daughter' boyfriend and I...

My son is too young to date, but my daughter's boyfriend is a really sweet kiddo. I like him very much and we get along well. At first he was nervous around me (good, haha) but now he said he feels like part of the family. And I have to agree!

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    It's nice when they feel like a part of the family. When my sister down from me (I'm the oldest) was dating her husband he was very much like a part of the family. Not so much with my other sister's boyfriends, but maybe it's because I went to high school and didn't think much of them because of it! Ha! The second one turned out to be a great dad to my nephew so my view of him changed over the years.

    My husband is friendly and a tease so he got along well with my family. He just hasn't had much time with them.
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