Report card expectations

What are your expectations when it comes to report cards?

I expect C's and above but I look at why it happened if it was lower before I do anything about D's or F's. If they just didn't try hard enough, didn't turn in work or homework or never studied for tests then there's consequences. If they missed a lot of class (really sick or some extenuating circumstances), really tried but just couldn't pass or something that was beyond their control, then we deal with it.

But my expectations are that they will at least score average, which is a "c". What about you ladies?

    I'm not in the grades yet.. We have 1-4's in our grade school.. 3 is where they are supposed to be... 4 is above and 2 is below.. and needs improvement..

    Depends on what they're getting 2's in.. Luckily the ONLY 2 we get with my kids is organization.. lol. which isn't a big shocker here..

    I told my kids not to worry and to do their best and if we get a 1 or a 2 we will take a look at why and deal with it.. But .. I'm not looking forward to the letter grades..

    I grew up getting B's and C's.. with the exception of an A here or there and a D or two which were unacceptable.. C's are ok.. But that tells me they can do better a get a B... But again, depends on my kid, the subject, if they're trying really hard or are lazy. etc..
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