Maybe some day? :(

I'm starting to think that I'll never find that wonderful guy that God has for me. :( I know that if it's predestined, then I will, but if not...I guess the hardest part is not knowing. Then again, it really helps my faith, and helps me rely on the Lord more. I just...I think I find all these really nice guys and one after another they really break my heart. I mean, I do have pretty high standards, not at all unreasonable. But I give them room for mistakes, and if they don't meet all of what I'm looking for, or it takes time, I'm patient. Why is it that I keep getting lead on or tricked or hurt? :( Dating for me is scary now. I'm afraid that if I do find a really awesome man to marry, something might happen. He might end up like the rest or might divorce me. I'm at the point where I'm about to give up on dating. Completely. For good.

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      How old are you? And you're right.. He will come.. And ironically the second you stop looking and "needing".. that's when he appears. Always..

      Make a pact with yourself.. That for 6 months.. put a day on the calendar.. and then CHOOSE NOT to date or go out with anyone.. at all.. And focus on yourself and your life and finding things you love to do .. and like to do and keeping your friendships strong, work out.. whatever it is.. ONLY that.. then you stop looking and you're better for it..

      Remember.. Everything is exactly as it should be.. You are in this place for a reason.. you're supposed to learn something right now and until you learn it, he won't come.. be a full person on your own.. otherwise NO ONE will make you happy.. and you can't make them happy .. ever.. until you are who YOU are...

      Hang tight.. He's coming.. Just not today..
        Jeanette, I met my (now ex) husband when I was not looking at all. In fact, I was just ready to be single. I had actually known him before, but we bumped into each other again and it was all really great!

        Now, I did mention he is my ex husband. Things did end, and it was incredibly sad. I wouldn't give any of that time back though because I have wonderful memories.

        Try not to let the unknown scare you. I know that is easier said than done, but we can't control how things turn out. You can only live and experience what is out there.

        BIG hugs to you!
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