Do you play any games with your older kids?

My son and I are really into this Facebook game called Miscrits. It's basically a knock off of Pokemon, but even I like it!

He loves board games too, and I really try but i lose interest in them quickly. I mean we all know how long a game of Monopoly can last.

My daughter loves Minecraft (my son does too) and I like to watch her play it. However, I have no desire to learn myself.

So how about you ladies?

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      Um.. I TRIED to learn Minecraft and was super lost.. My 9 year old son masters it.. My 7 year old is close behind. I can't remember anything.. or what to do.. my kids think I mist be stupid that I can't deal.. LOL..

      Just taught my kids BackGammon and they loved it.. I also taught them blackjack a bit ago.. has really helped with my 7 year olds math skills and we play with pennies..
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